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"The beauty of this lifestyle is that there is always something new to learn. It is exciting and enjoyable to head out bush to practise primitive skills, to hunt and to forage, to grow your own food and work to become more self-sufficient, more able to ride out the storm and ultimately, to live more deliberately and enjoy the freedom of a life truly lived"


TSGOA WA Moderator

What is Survivalism?

"At TSGOA we are proud of the get out there and do it attitude that our members have, they are not afraid to fail and pass that knowledge onto others so that they in turn will not fail; to express ideas and share knowledge freely amongst themselves, to take objective criticisms and not be afraid to learn from another person’s point of view. Survivalism is about life, life is not a game, you only get one chance at it, so you better make sure you are prepared if break downs in normal society occur, there is no fantasy, no extra life when you get to a certain point score, if you make a mistake you could lose. Doing it for real will make the difference, learning and obtaining knowledge will help to keep you alive."


TSGOA NSW Moderator

What is Survivalism?

"Anytime you are wandering near the beach, a river or even by the road, you could find a smorgasbord of Australian native plants to eat but most people would look over them as weeds, not realising the fun that comes from being able to recognise and search for food plants from the wild, to taste new things, and to find a sense of self sufficiency that gives, not only confidence in your own abilities, but a skill to amaze your friends."


TSGOA member

Survival instructor


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Spring 2013 TSGOA Annual Meet.

The members of The Survivalists Group of Australia regularly participate in outdoor group activities. From simple daytrips exploring the great Aussie bush, to longer trips and hunts.

"It doesn’t make any difference to your location, you still need to know how to make a fire, find safe drinking water or be able to make dirty water safe, to find sustenance that will keep you alive, bush foods, wild weeds and being able to distinguish between safe and dangerous wild plants. This also includes ways of seeing someone else’s rubbish and being able to remanufacture something from it that will benefit you. This could be in the form of wind generators for power, from old washing machines or broken solar panels or being able to cook foods using discarded mirrors. At TSGOA we never let anything go by without having a go at it, the only way to learn is by trying it first hand and learning from your failures, these failures serve us to think outside the square for a positive and to able to achieve better results, to be able to pass on our experiences to others that may be in the same boat".


TSGOA Moderator

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"A Journey of Survival" is Jim Blackwell's real world survival adventure that took place deep in the Australian bush. His remarkable daily struggle for food, water, shelter and warmth over a prolonged period of time, in the middle of a hot Australian summer.... is a true life adventure, that no serious Survivalist should miss! Jim’s vast experience as a fire fighter (Rural Fire Service) as well as his many years of SES voluntary services (State Emergency Services) has given him an understanding and knowledge of the Australian bush along with its varied flora and fauna, that is second to none.

Book reviews:

***** By Tyson Colman Jul 30, 2012: Jim Blackwell tells a story of Survival as only someone who has lived through it can. A wonderful retelling of a life changing experience. The Bushcraft and skills shown by Jim Blackwell during his stay in the bush are extraordinary at best. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and at times, could almost feel the hunger pains and hear the mosquitoes buzzing. This book is a must for any person with an interest in Bushfood, Survival and Camping. A true wake up call to anyone who thinks that they could wander off into the Australian Bush and survive. As a fit and well trained young man of eighteen, Jim Blackwell returned to his family 13 kilograms lighter that when he departed. With plenty of photographs and a detailed appendix, this book gives the reader a glimpse into the harsh world of our Pioneers and Bushmen of the past, told by a present day man who "walks the walk". This book should be part of the Social Studies reading material taught to Aussie kids.

***** By Brett Jul 29, 2012: A journey through the Australian bush by an 18 year old boy or a coming of age and a journey into manhood, you need to read the book and decide for yourself. In a day and age where the TV rules the day, Jim Blackwell's story of coming of age in the Australian bush is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration for the future generations. A must read for all young Australians who dream of adventure.

***** By Chris Jul 17, 2012: Very experienced author, relates his experience of surviving in the bush. From setting up a base camp to foraging and hunting for food to the dangers of eating unknown plants. Well illustrated with great pictures throughout, it really brings his journey to life. Good sections on lessons learned and extensive appendix on fauna and flora useful to those living in the bush.

***** By Ludlow Survivors Jul 17, 2012: I live in the UK, but found Jims book to be very interesting and adaptable to a variety of climates. Was surprised at the flora we share between the two countries. Well worth a read where ever you are.

***** By Leif Jun 11, 2012: If you are at all interested in bushcraft, camping, adventure or survival in an Australian setting then you are going to enjoy this book immensely. Jim Blackwell is just an ordinary bloke who has a strong passion for the outdoors, his experience is accessible to the every-man, woman or child who wants to get out and enjoy everything the bush has to offer. This is an inspiring read and Jim's passion for the outdoors and wild Australia is clearly evident and thoroughly engaging. In a world of manufactured, commercialized outdoor "stars" this is a refreshing, down to earth story that will make you want to dust off your boots and pack and get out bush! 5 stars !